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Date: November 2015

Role: Art direction, UX/UI Design

Live site:

SNPC is a consulting firm which spectrum has been expanded in recent years to meet the requirements of the market as well as public and private customers. In addition to the classic areas of public services such as energy, transport and water, the main areas of consulting are also in the healthcare industry.

The problem

SNPC offers a wide range of services in term of consulting. Their website was outdated  and did not represent what the company had to offer. Modernising the look and feel, as well as updating the content became essential to represent accurately the company online.

Early wireframes testing different solutions

Proposed Solutions

SNPC is made of a substantial team of people, who are specialised in various sectors. We wanted to represent this in the new website, put the emphasis on people who make the success of the company with a clear and modern look.

New colors, typography for better on-screen legibility and clean imagery were adopted. A photoshoot was organised to present the team in a professional and trusty manner.

The website was re-organised in two main sectors: health (pharma industry, health insurance…) and general interests (energy, transportation, telecommunication…). Strong and clean photography was selected to represent each sub-sector, facilitating the navigation in a more visual way.

Selection of images to represent each sector

The outcome

The new website reflects more accuratly the company and what they do. Because of his simplicity to adjust the content and the publications (using Wordpress), it is also now updated more frequently by the team.

Subpages showcasing the team's members for a more human touch

Example of a subpage using a combination of fonts for a better legibility and standing out headlines.