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2iQ Research

Client: 2iQ Research

Date: September - December 2017

Role: Art direction, UX/UI Design

Live site:

2iQ Research GmbH engages in the behavioral finance, and quantitative processing and analysis of capital market data. The company's solutions range from web access, customised reports, alpha signals to a raw data feed.

The task

The task was to create a new application, a terminal offering analytics on insiders, short interest and other data. I had to create also a one-page website, on a tight deadline since it had to be ready prior to a big event where the company wanted to announce their new product. Besides my usual tasks, I also coordinated the project in order to deliver the product on time with the help of 2 developpers.

A lot of screens were produced to create prototypes. These prototypes were analyzed and after testing ,adjusted when needed. Hundred of screens were done till the result matched the client's expectations.

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The website

The website was designed in order to present in a clear manner what 2iQ offers in one single page. Besides descriptions of what this company offers, concrete facts like how many insiders are covered or how long 2iQ exists, as well as their partners were added to reinforce the strong position they have in this market.